Probiotic in Diarrhea


This video is based on Diarrhea and how bacteria play an important role in balancing our body. In this video we get to know what are good bacteria and what are bad bacteria and how does it function inside our body and helps to boost our immunity. It also explains what are the symbiosis and dysbiosis of bacteria and what are the related disorders that may happen to our body if the symbiosis of both the bacteria does not work properly. We also get to know about the probiotics, how does it benefit our body , what are the various strains of probiotics, indications of probiotic use, what are lactic acid bacteria and its function inside our body, what are the probiotics used in acute diarrhea , how to treat acute infectious diarrhea in children, what are antibiotic associated diarrhea and travelers diarrhea- its meaning, prevention and treatment.

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